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Tig welding filler rod storage holder bracket with tray

Mayhem Metal Works

Tig welding filler rod storage holder bracket with tray

$ 27.95

Here we have again in house designed item.
These are for the mounting of your storage containers for TIG welding filler rod.
This version has a tray for holding consumables and any other items you like to keep close by.

Also has 4 holes for different size wire brushes and paint markers.
You can make your own containers from 1 1/2" PVC or
these will also work with the filler rod containers and rod guard containers available
on eBay or at your local welding supply house.
These CNC laser cut from 5052 1/8" aluminum and
have mounting holes already in them to mount just about anywhere.

You can also choose which side the tray you want the tray to be on in the drop down menu.

They come with the tray side bent and un-welded for finishing by the customer
Then they are CNC folded and entirely hand custom Made in the USA!!!!!

Lengths are as follows:

  • 2 hole- 16.25"
  • 3 hole- 19.25"
  • 4 hole- 21.25"
  • 5 hole- 25.25"
  • 6 hole- 28.25"

These are available with up to 6 holes here.
If you would like this product with more or less holes than available please contact us and we will put together a special order

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