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1998- Present Cummins 24 Valve Common rail Dodge Ram cooling system Bypass Kit

Mayhem Metal Works

1998- Present Cummins 24 Valve Common rail Dodge Ram cooling system Bypass Kit

$ 199.95 $ 298.95

Fits all 1998-2007.5 Dodge Cummins 24 valve Common Rail cylinder heads.

Will also work on 2007.5 to 2018 6.7 engines with the EPS / VGT turbo deleted!!!!

Please verify that you indeed DO NOT have an EPS sensor installed on your  2007.5-2012 engine before purchasing!!!! We have seen many of these engines without an EPS on the thermostat housing from the factory.

We have also found that most 2013-present engine DO NOT have an EPS from the factory

**Some 5th Gen engines have a larger inlet on the factory housing therefore may need to change to the earlier style 2012 upper radiator hose for this kit to work

Our water bypass kit relieves excessive pressure in the back of the engine while in most cases also dropping coolant temperatures by as much as 20 degrees!

Engines that turn high RPM's create high pressure in the back of the block that causes freeze plugs in the block & cylinder head to blow out under 'higher than stock hp applications as well as possible cylinder head gasket damage. This is a common problem with all Cummins engines that are turned up and this is the best solution.

This kit will also help with the higher temperature at the back of the engine where #5 & 6 cylinders suffer. Most commonly, people confuse poor flow to the back of the head with excessive heat. 99% of the time it is an issue with temperature and not air flow. We have tested this kit on many of our own and customer trucks for several years and this is a proven must have!!!!!

 Our new proprietary bypass control valve makes installation a breeze with no removal of the valve cover or injector spacer. Less than an hour install with simple hand tools!!!!

100% made in the USA!!!!

 Kit includes:

Cast aluminum thermostat with -8AN Bypass fitting with 304 stainless mounting bolts and washers.

-8AN Braided black or stainless steel line with fittings installed on both ends.

Black hose comes with black fittings.

Stainless hose comes with red and blue fittings.

Stealth kit is all black with textured satin black powder coated housing.

Our in house proprietary bypass control valve.


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